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We designed Hubert to help teachers collect, understand, and leverage feedback.

A Chatbot Built to Help You Leverage Student Feedback

Meet Hubert:

Chat conversations instead of forms

Hubert asks your students questions similar to those in regular course feedback surveys; what is working well, what the teacher could start doing and stop doing to improve the course, and so on.
In contrast to surveys, Hubert uses A.I. to interact with the students and to follow up on their responses.

Once Hubert has talked to your class, comments are automatically categorized and analyzed which instantly gives you insight into what is working well and what needs improvement.

- High response rates
- Highly qualitative data
- A more engaging and personal experience than surveys

- A lot of time saved on analyzing feedback

Automatic categorization and analysis of comments

(and to replace surveys)

Using a chatbot to collect feedback brings: