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Built to address your feedback needs

Forget about unengaging surveys and constantly reminding your respondents to fill them out. Save hours of work on analyzing puzzling and insufficient results. Hubert is here to transform how you improve your business. 

40% higher engagment with intelligent conversations

Few things are more boring than surveys. Yet, qualitative feedback drives successful businesses. By replacing traditional forms with conversations we've seen a 40% increase in engagement.

✓    Interactive and humanlike conversations

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Quick and easy chat creation with 
customisable templates

Setting up skip-logic, branching, and dependable questions in your surveys is a dull, time craving task. Hubert automatically gets you the feedback that you need in a personalized way.

✓    Proven conversation design and wording

✓    Question sets that drive conversations


Save time and resources with
our real-time resolutions

Huberts' powerful text analytics is integrated with all question sets and presents all the ins and outs of your feedback without hassle.

✓    Extracting the essence from every conversation

✓    Top strengths and improvables are highlighted

Used in over 1500 organizations 

“Hubert has helped us massively in uncovering ways to improve the working environment. Using open-ended conversations in combination with a powerful text- analytics engine, Hubert has helped us produce truly actionable data in a way that is unprecedented in the employee insights arena.”

Dr. Gunter Beitinger, Vice President Siemens Factory Automation

“Very easy to complete and different from most surveys. It made the experience much more interesting”


“It was more interactive like I was having a conversation. I wish all surveys were like this.”

Professional using Hubert for workplace

“Allows me the freedom to express my opinions in an engaging and interactive way.”

Respondent after using Hubert

Engage your audience & make better decisions

Stop pestering your respondents with unengaging surveys. 
Get to know Hubert instead - we guarantee an exceptional experience for you and your respondents.

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